Aftermarket Office Copier and Printer Spares and Consumables

NEW PARTS; DOT7185 Main Fuser Rebuild & DOT7188 Sub-fuser Rebuild Kit


DOT7185 Main Fuser Rebuild  & DOT7188 Sub-fuser Rebuild Kit


DOT7185 Main Fuser Rebuild Kit for use in Konica Minolta Bizhub 654/754/654e/754e and Bizhub C654/754/654e/754e series, consists of

  1. Fuser Belt – manufactured in Japan x1
  2. Lower Fuser Sleeved Roller – CET x 1
  3. Fuser Belt Roller Bushing x 2
  4. Fuser Belt Roller Bearing x 2
  5. Fuser Sleeved Roller Bushing x 2
  6. Upper Picker Finger Covers x 3


DOT7188 Sub-fuser Rebuild Kit consists of

  1. Fuser Cleaning Roller x 1
  2. Fuser Cleaning Brush Roller x 1
  3. Fuser Cleaning Roller Bushing x 2
  4. Cleaning Brush Roller Bushing x 2
  5. Fuser Cleaning Roller Bearing x 2